Why is the Thomas Lucas Academy needed?

The Thomas Lucas Academy Trust has identified a need for an additional secondary school and sixth form in the heart of Redbridge to meet to rising demand for secondary school places in the next five years.

The basic need position in Redbridge is currently severe and is seen to be worsening for at least the next 6 years after a delegation from Redbridge Council attended a meeting with the Department for Education due to the Borough facing at that time (January 2016) a shortage of 6,500 school places by 2022, equivalent to 216 forms of entry.

The shortfall in basic need funding reflects the acute student place shortage position in Redbridge, and confirms that the establishment of TLA in 2019 would help to address Redbridge’s student place problem at a critical time as part of much-needed new provision.


What will the opening intake look like?

The school will have a six form intake each year. Initially, the school will open with 180 Year 7 students, growing to full capacity of 1,140 including a Sixth Form by, 2022.

Our proposed intake reflects where demand for places has been identified. When starting a new school we believe that it is really important to nurture the first year and establish the culture of the new school.

Our first Year 7 classes will also be our first classes to take GCSEs and to be able to work with them exclusively for their first year will establish solid foundations for their success.