Using innovative technology, TLA will encourage each and every child to develop their skills and accelerate their knowledge regardless of background, circumstance, aptitude or disability.

This will be underpinned by first class teaching and outstanding leadership; guiding children to discover their inherent talents in a fully inclusive culture and environment, readying them to achieve successful careers and lead fulfilling lives. We will achieve this by:

  • Placing an emphasis on academic excellence and inclusion across a broad and exciting curriculum, tailored to individual student needs and taught in technology-rich classrooms. Our extended day policy will mean that students will also be able to pursue new found passions and interests.

  • Making sure every student from every background develops as a well-rounded, confident person by developing their communications and social skills. Each student will be treated as an individual and offered positive pastoral care.

  • Integrating every day and emerging technologies to help fully embrace the curriculum and offer an inclusive and collaborative learning environment that helps to raise everyone’s attainment levels. Our focus on technology will mean every student is ready for the careers of the future.

  • Having an inclusive, not segregated, agenda where all children and young people learn side by side to achieve academically as well as building social skills and confidence. We will do this through a blend of technology, family support, an accessible environment and highly trained teachers who are able to ensure every child has an excellent classroom experience.

Inclusive education benefits all pupils

A study by Kansas University on schools with a fully inclusive education model, similar to the one being proposed by TLA, demonstrates that academic outcomes improve for all students and that every student ‘identified ways in which inclusion helped them in their learning’.

There is also evidence that by focusing on a specialism, standards across a whole school community improve, for example, during the Specialist School movement period in England.