The Thomas Lucas Academy (TLA) will pursue a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on embedding advanced technology across every aspect of school life to prepare all students for a dynamic, digital-age future.

TLA will embody a truly professional attitude to attainment, inclusion and sense of community, using cutting edge technology blended with outstanding teaching and pastoral care to meet the needs of every single child; leaving no one behind.

High aspirations will be set for every student, including those with a visual impairment. Every student, regardless of aptitude, ability or circumstance will discover their inherent talents and accelerate their learning by taking advantage of TLA’s commitment to:

  • First class teaching and leadership with a rigorous and unrelenting drive for the highest standards in education
  • A dedicated focus on teaching digital skills in partnership with tech companies and universities
  • Enhancing the student experience through a tech-rich environment, so that all children regardless of specific needs can achieve successful careers and lead fulfilling lives
  • Creating a truly inclusive community where children learn, think, explore and develop side by side to achieve academically and socially
  • Positive pastoral care and support for families

Who will run the school?

TLA will be operated by the Thomas Lucas Academy Trust which is made up of:

  • High calibre and experienced education professionals
  • Representatives from a long established charity for vision impaired children – Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) formerly known as the Royal London Society for Blind People
  • Technology innovators
  • Committed parents passionate about creating a learning and caring school community, and supporting young people to realise their potential

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How will the school be funded?

As a free school, TLA will be state-funded by the Department for Education, and will be run as a not-for-profit.