On 12th April 2017, The Thomas Lucas Academy Trust was notified by the Department for Education that it was not successful with its application to open the Thomas Lucas Academy Free School in Redbridge.

The team behind the application would like to thank all of the school’s supporters and generous partners for the significant support that they have given to back the application over the past year; all so enthusiastic and supportive at each stage. The school would have made a profound difference, and this is a sad moment for all who have joined the Thomas Lucas Academy Trust on this journey.

The feedback on the Thomas Lucas Academy proposal from the Department for Education was overall very positive, in particular they stated that it had;

  • “a compelling vision for your school, with computing and technology as your chosen specialism and pathways to meet the needs of visually impaired children.
  • A broad and balanced education plan embedded with your chosen specialism at the heart of its delivery.
  • A strong group of individuals with recent and relevant experience, and a passion and commitment to open this school. You also had an appropriate structure in place to support that, responding to feedback on an earlier application.
  • Good financial planning which demonstrates the ability to manage a free school budget.”

However the Department for Education suggested that they have decided there is not enough need for additional school places in Redbridge. They have now identified that it would be difficult to deliver another school in the proposed area, beyond those already planned.

For now the Thomas Lucas Academy Trust will regroup and look at the options for the future, as its vision for the Thomas Lucas Academy is unwavering and more relevant than ever, and its commitment to making this a reality remains.