The Thomas Lucas Academy Trust (TLAT) have made it through to the final interview stage of the free school application process in their bid to open a co-educational secondary school and sixth form in Redbridge, called the Thomas Lucas Academy.

In late January members of the trust will be interviewed by the Department for Education to ensure that the TLAT meets the government’s rigorous standards for free schools. In particular, over the two hour interview, the trust will be asked about their proposed education plan, capacity to run the school and how it will match the aspirations and demands of Redbridge’s families.

Member of the Thomas Lucas Academy proposal group, Emma Thompson said of the upcoming interview:

“The team and I are delighted to get to the next phase of the application process – I welcome the rigour and challenge the Department are showing over our plans. The interview allows us to demonstrate how tightly we have worked with the community of Redbridge and organisations from the digital and inclusion sectors to create our vision for a much needed, high quality school for the borough.”

The TLAT will find out in March if they have passed the interview. If successful, the Thomas Lucas Academy will move into the pre-opening phase. In this phase the TLAT will work with the Department for Education to finalise a site for the new school and set about preparing for it to open in September 2019.

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