Do you want to have a say in how the Government provides more good school places for Redbridge’s children?

Now is the time. The Government is currently running a consultation, closing on the 12th December 2016, where you can take part and feedback on their proposals.

The public consultation is in to the Government’s ambition to create an education system that extends opportunity to everyone, not just the privileged few. The Department for Education has stated that it proposes to expand radically the number of good school places available to all families, by:

  1. Providing the right incentives for all schools with a strong track record and valuable expertise to expand their offer to even more pupils;
  2. Leveraging the expertise of high performing institutions to set up new good places in the state sector as well as turn around existing schools
  3. Delivering a diverse school system that provides all children, whatever their background, with schooling that will help them achieve their potential.

The consultation covers proposals in four key areas:

  • Independent schools directly assisting the state-funded sector, through creating more good places, and giving more choice and control for parents.
  • Universities playing a direct role in improving school quality and pupil attainment.
  • Selective schools providing more school places, and ensuring that they are open to children from all backgrounds.
  • Faith schools delivering more good school places, while meeting strengthened safeguards on inclusivity. We would like to hear your views on these proposals.

The issues in this consultation are critical for parents in Redbridge considering their children’s secondary school options. The basic need position in Redbridge is currently severe and is seen to be worsening for at least the next 6 years after a delegation from Redbridge Council attended a meeting with the Department for Education due to the Borough facing at that time (January 2016) a shortage of 6,500 school places by 2022, equivalent to 216 forms of entry.

The shortfall in basic need funding reflects the acute student place shortage position in Redbridge, and confirms that the establishment of the Thomas Lucas Academy secondary school in 2019 would help to address Redbridge’s student place problem at a critical time as part of much-needed new quality provision.

Take part in the Government consultation here and find out how the Thomas Lucas Academy Trust plan to meet the urgent need for pupil places in Redbridge in 2019 here.